Day 11. St.Austell to near Bodmin. 12mls

Sad as it was to leave my new multinational friends at the hostel,I have a walk to walk and must get on.Trying to find my way out of the myriad of roads, cycle ways and paths surrounding the Eden Project was the first battle, but once that was won,I headed north to Luxulyan via the well marked Saints Way. I came across this barely recognisable stone cross at a stile crossing a field.

Having resupplied at the village store, I changed course to go on a more direct route to Lanhydrock house ( for the café!) via little lanes. The landscape was of gentler rolling hills than further west, with bigger fields and more prosperous looking farms.View of Lanlivery.

My clever plan to use footpaths into the National Trusts’ Lanhydrock estate nearly came to grief. I am starting to realize that if the footpath sign is missing at the entrance to the farm drive,it bodes ill for the rest of the way. Having gone in what I hoped was the right direction I reached a small river without a bridge. I could see the path on the other side through the trees, so the next ‘Crystal Maze’ challenge was to get over there.

After moving a few large stones to a shallow area I carefully crossed with the aid of my trusty poles,and then scrambled over a high bank and through various types of undergrowth to the path. The neatly dressed people spending Sunday afternoon at the gardens didn’t have a clue about my mode of entry.Cream tea here I come.

Latest campsite saga. The owner tried to charge me £18 because all pitches have electric hookup. She couldn’t understand why I didn’t want it, and was instead hoping for a discount. Much shaking of head. Anyhow I achieved my aim,so all’s well.


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