Day 36 Hallow to Bewdley 12.5mls

Right, let this be a warning. If any of you decide to stay at a nice camping field where peacocks roam,move on quickly. Those…. birds started up very loudly with the dawn chorus. They also had their beady eyes on my breakfast.

There is a suggestion going around the UK that public toilets should be unisex. Having had to use the ‘Gents’ at the pub this morning, I am now of the firm belief that this is most definitely NOT a good idea.

The Severn Way took a meandering route away from the river through Grimley and Holt first thing. Signposting was a little hit and miss, but todays lunch issue was solved by passing a cafe in a surprise industrial estate. The friendly owners set me off with a massive bacon and mushroom baguette and gave me coffee on the house.

Todays weather was just wonderful. Brilliant sunshine, bright blue sky and a coolish breeze. I was back alongside the river from Holt Fleet, with plenty to look at in the form of boats,locks and scenery.

There are plenty of riverside pubs all along the Severn. Most are down dead end lanes away from villages, presumably to service the thirsty boat crews of the last century.

Working boat yards were still apparent as I neared Stourport on Severn.

I knew that I was now well and truly in the Midlands. People greeted me with ‘aw’ right’. I had been somewhat surprised however to discover ‘local black country faggots and peas’ on the pub menu near Tewkesbury.

The last few miles were hard going. I had loaded up with food courtesy of Tesco, the temperature had risen considerably and the walk was uphill to the bunkhouse where I was staying for a couple of nights. Having said that,it was uphill through the cool trees of the Wyre Forest, and the place when I reached it,was superb with a real working washing machine. Clothes washed,dried and back on again within 2 hours.


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