Day 37 Bewdley to Bridgnorth 14mls

A cool grey morning which made for lovely walking. Down to the pretty town of Bewdley where, I was informed by a dog walker ,Prince Arthur married Catherine of Aragon during the Tudor period.There was also a jail under the Thomas Telford bridge which would no doubt be a fine place to put it provided the water levels stayed low.

Most of the rest of the day was spent along the river but this time in the company of the Severn Valley Railway. During the first couple of miles there were a fine collection of wooden shanties tucked away between the railway line and the river. I guess these were someone’s holiday retreats for they mostly looked well cared for with neat little gardens.

I conveniently arrived at Upper Arley just as the café opened so the peaceful riverside garden was put to good use.

Then over the footbridge to the other side of the river and I was playing hide and seek with the trains. Why did they insist on passing me either when they were hidden by trees or in a cutting? At lunchtime my luck changed.

Sensible grown up people behave quite differently when traveling by steam train. If you stand and watch they all wave enthusiastically and get very excited should you wave back.

At Hampton Loade it was farewell to the river and over the last footbridge to the Dudmaston Estate. Except that it nearly wasn’t. The mean spirited S.Staffs Water had decided that nobody except their personnel should use the bridge. Locked gates and keep out signs.Since when does that stop the determined?

Having thought I was now in Staffordshire, it turns out I was in Shropshire,so looks like the water company was in the wrong place anyway.

Through the mature estate woods and along some for once actually peaceful lanes and I arrived at my destination. Yet another manicured caravan site complete with lake and perfect flower beds. Checking in took an age for not only did the receptionist find lack of a vehicle and the words ‘backpacker tent’ confusing, but the site required a deposit for a washroom key. Then we had to go through site safety and finally I was handed a leaflet on ‘how to avoid setting fire to your tent’.

And now ,my heart has really sunk for I have just noticed a group of peacocks.


4 thoughts on “Day 37 Bewdley to Bridgnorth 14mls

  1. Oh Janet, I am so sorry, but the bit about the peacocks made me laugh out loud spontaneously! A welcome relief, I can tell you, from my blinking essay on Glastonbury! Onwards and upwards old girl!


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