Day 81 Dunkeld to Pitlochry 15 mls

When he heard where I had got to yesterday, Martin came over to collect me, so I have actually been camping with him at Pitlochry last night. Bit of a noisy campsite being peak season and with the scottish schools having broken up,so time to dig out the old earplugs.

I walked into and through the pretty village of Dunkeld which had some quite old buildings in the centre and a charming little garden.

I was trying to find a track up into the hills but initially got on to the wrong road and had to backtrack, which was annoying.

The part of the Tay Forest Park that I was heading into was criss crossed by a network of cycle paths,so I was passed by many laden cars on the way to the parking area. Once up there I barely met one cyclist, so heaven knows where they all went.

Once going the right direction the walking was enjoyable with clearings of heather and shrubbery in between old trees. So nice in fact, that I changed my route to go a bit further through this area instead of on a road

There were two small lochs part way along with waterlilies and many bright coloured dragon flies darting everywhere.

Eventually I passed an isolated estate cottage and began to descend. At this point there were views northward over the Tay Valley.

Someone had kindly provided a very comfortable bench that blended into the landscape rather well.

At the bottom of the valley I crossed the river at Ballinluig and started along the hills on the other side. The paths over here were completely empty of any cyclists even though I followed a well marked off road cycle way.

There was more shade this side of the valley which was a relief, for yet again the temperature had shot up. Not the normally wet and windy Scotland that I’ve experienced before.

The approach to Pitlochry gave a lovely view of a turreted castle which I believe is a rather smart hotel.

Just before the town and my much needed pot of tea,I crossed this quite beautiful suspension bridge. It was the sort that bounced if too many people crossed at any one time.


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