Day 100 Keiss to John O’Groats 11mls

Just in case anyone should be thinking that this is it, she’s got there and thank goodness no more blog reports to read, that happens tomorrow. I have to reach Dunnet Head as the opposite point to The Lizard. Appropriately named I think.

I’d gone as far as the fence bordering the old and new Keiss castles yesterday, and was undecided whether to go by road or try the coast path again. Rain poured down in the night,so that rather decided things for me.

At least the sun was out now and I got up a good pace, but the sea looked so beautiful. After about a mile,I reached an open gateway of a big grass field going right down to the cliffs and went through. I should have known better. Straight back to scrambling over wire fences on cliff edges and then knee high wet vegetation.

I persevered until the Tress Barry monument, after which there was a real proper path leading to a small car park. If only the rest had been like that.

Boots and trousers were now soaking wet,so that’s it JOG trail, I’m on the road for the rest of the way.

Unfortunately there’s not a great deal to say about road walking even in nice weather. I hoped someone had dropped a ten pound note,or even a fiver but no luck with either.

I noticed this 1919 monument on the gate posts of Freswick community centre. It’s a bit weathered but a completely different type of war memorial. There was a navy representative on the other post.

Nearly all the old traditional houses were empty and falling down. Quite a number of newer ones were as well,so it’s definitely an aging population in this part of Scotland.

The road slowly ascended the sides of Warth hill. As I’d gone up the most southerly hill in Cornwall,I thought I’d better do the same for the hill nearest Duncansby Head.

To the south I could see for miles over the flat flow country, while to the north I could see both my end venues.

Beyond them I could see the Orkney islands.

On the way back to the road was a beautiful fuschia bush full of flowers. It was in the most unlikely of places, but perhaps it was in a sheltered spot.

At long last I passed the first sign welcoming me to John O’Groats, but I still had quite a way to go to Duncansby Head and the lighthouse.

The last part was all uphill on a small road full of cars and campervans, so not particularly pleasant.

Having taken the required photo and had a rest, the walk to the John O’Groats campsite was restful by comparison.

6 thoughts on “Day 100 Keiss to John O’Groats 11mls

  1. Well done Janet! You are amazing! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s post and then I will miss your lovely blog! See you soon I hope!xx


    1. Thanks Megan. I’m now happy that I’ve done it in one go. Thanks for your support which has been so good when times have been difficult. Keep planning new adventures x


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