Day 99 Sarclet to Keiss 10mls

I whizzed down the A99 to Wick as fast as my little legs would carry me this morning.Four miles of utterly boring road, but being early, fairly low on traffic.

The land is pretty flat around here. Looking west towards Loch Hempriggs.

Wick cheered me up, firstly with coffee, and then by a lovely riverside path. This effectively cut out further main road walking or having to go right around Noss Head to avoid the airport.

At the end of the river path,I sneaked over a field,past a farm and straight up a track and then driveway to the rather smart Ackergill Tower.

Fancy staying in a 5 star hotel anyone?

The view of the coast from the gates was just magical.

A very short way along the coast path from the hotel,I bumped into more JOG trail markers,so I was back in action.

On to sandunes first and then when I reached Wick golf course,I took to the beach.

Yet again I could have been somewhere tropical. I had the place to myself and it was lovely.

Part way along I arrived at the Water of Lyth which I needed either to cross or go inland to a bridge. Thankfully it was shallow,so boots off and a little paddle ensued. Had I arrived at low tide, then I’m sure crossing over would have been even easier.

I liked the contrasting ripple effects where the sand of the more solid dunes met the soft beach sand.

The tide was still coming in, and I had to watch out for sneaky waves.

Old anti-tank defences were still in use against the sea nearer Keiss.

A coastal bungalow had incorporated them into the garden wall to good effect.

Nothing was too twee or ‘restored’ around here, with the result that the village had character.

Around the headland was the harbour which was still in use by small fishing boats. No tumbledown buildings here.

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